Ceramics and its Dimensions 2017

Please upload up to six documents or images. One of these must be a CV of not more than 4 pages, a brief biography in 3rd person (50 words) and a statement about your work e.g. artist's statement (100 words). In addition, you may choose to upload high resolution photographs of recent work, published articles or research papers. Please provide a short description of each file you upload.
Descriptions of published articles should include the date and publication name. Descriptions of images should include the dimensions, materials, techniques, finishing/firing methods and year of creation.

File 1: biography & artist's statement / CV (pdf)
File 2: Image or publication
File 3: Image or publication
File 4: Image or publication
File 5: Image or publication
File 6: Image or publication

  1. Referring to your CV and uploaded images or documents, please respond to this year’s theme (250 words, PDF).
  2. Explain why you think you would be a good ambassador for ceramics (250 words, PDF).

Please download this guide and carefully follow each of the instruction steps in order to submit your application.